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We can help you raise money

You can now accept gift cards as donations.


You are a registered church or charitable organization providing a necessary service. We offer a managed program to accept gift cards as contributions.


You already accept donations. We offer an alternative to monetary contributions and provide the required donor detail to your treasurer.

Schools, clubs, and groups

You have parents, supporters, and alumni that donate financially and participate in enrichment programs. We offer an additional outlet for their generosity.

How it works

It's really easy.

  • Register to accept gift cards as donations


    Registration is very simple.

  • Tell people that you accept gift cards as donations

    Setup your page

    Use our standard page (example) to get started right away or implement and customize the form on your website.

  • Tell people that you accept gift cards as donations

    Spread the word

    Send emails, update your site, call donors, send text messages, hire one of those skywriter planes. Let people know they can donate gift cards.

  • Receive payment for accepting gift cards as donations

    Get Money!

    We broker the gift card for cash. Once we receive funds we notify you, and the donor. We send payment and provide a fancy report for your organization's treasurer or accountant.

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